Press Profiles - Meet the Author

Press Profiles is a place we like to showcase artists who have worked with us in one way or another. Whether it be contributing to one of our anthology opportunities or hiring us to help breathe life into their literary works. Here you will learn a little more about the artist and where you can find more of their work. Many have been published elsewhere in magazines, print anthologies, online publications, reviews, and more.

Many publishers ask for unpublished literary work and require exclusive rights to it. This is not so with Quillkeepers Press, LLC. We encourage all writers to do their best to get their work into as many hands as possible. As writers ourselves, we understand how challenging the publishing market can be. Therefore, we encourage previously published work (so long as the previous publisher allows it) for our anthologies. 

You can check out our opportunities here if you want to contribute to one of our anthologies.

Please contact us if you have previously worked with us and would like to be featured here with "Press Profiles."