Press Profiles - Carrie Carter

Carrie Carter is a poet living and working in Washington, DC. She holds a BA in English from The Ohio State University. High Water (Quillkeepers Press, 2023) is her first publication and spans work written over twenty years. Also, in 2023, Carrie is a contributor and sponsor in a gun violence protest anthology produced by Gnashing Teeth Press. Carrie is a non-traditional professional, working in various industries, including retail, academia, facilities, and community advocacy. When she is not reading or writing poetry, she can be found in her garden, telling the bees that she loves them.

Carrie Carter Originals

High Water is the debut chapbook from poet Carrie Carter. An act of poetic world creation told over twenty-three poems, High Water introduces readers to the places, characters, and experiences defining Carter’s identity during her first 40 years on our beautiful and complex planet. Weaving a continuous narrative through individual snapshots, Carter constructs a vivid portrait and landscape of a life lived through joy and tears in moments that accumulate with the ebb and flow of the tide. There are stories of ancestral legacy; of how we reconcile our individuality against the needs of our communities; and the many ways grief becomes another layer of the strata of our lives. High Water is a mighty tree standing strong against the changing currents and shifting tectonic plates that form the natural evolution of life. It leaves readers wondering what it means to be alive in linear time, and how we do more than just survive - how do we thrive?