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We can not thank you enough for all our submissions over the last few years. Anthologies put Quillkeepers Press on the map. They are a cornerstone of our organization. Our purpose has always been to uplift writers, help broaden their audiences, and help guide them toward their goals. Over the years, our anthologies have changed. They now include a small submission fee to help cover the cost of production. We also have around 3 opportunities a year versus our older style of 6. This creates room for other traditional, hybrid, and self-publishing projects. However, staying true to our mission and purpose, we will always reserve space for our beloved anthologies.  

The Aerial Perspective Journal

We are now accepting submissions for our next issue of The Aerial Perspective. We are looking for poetry, short stories, original photography, and copyright-free literary articles. 

*** It is very important to read the FAQ's  on this project. We have to put this together in a very specific manner due to time restraints and the programs we are using, if the submission doesn't follow the guidelines it will be rejected. You can find the FAQ's in the "submit here" link below.

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Pride Anthology 2025

Quillkeepers Press is accepting submissions from now until 10/31/2024. The goal release date will be in June of 2025. We are looking for poetry, prose poetry, short stories, and short essays or memoirs to include in our publication. We are looking for works from those who identify within the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies. Send us your work regarding queer love, your hardship, your triumphs, what it’s like to exist a day in your world, and everything in between. Tell us about rainbows, pride parades, drag, and transitioning; we want to hear it all. Submit by October 31, 2024 through Submittable for consideration. 

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Anthology Submission FAQ and Specifications:

General Guidelines

Submission Specifications:

Traditional Publishing Query and Chapbook Submission FAQ and Specifications:

FAQ’s - Please read through these diligently before submitting:

Where to submit:

Critique Reviews

Our critique reviews are a paid service for the up and coming author whose work needs a little finesse, who's getting their manuscript print ready, or who wants an honest opinion of their manuscript. With this review we will provide honest feedback of your manuscript and where your strengths and weaknesses lie in your work. With this service you will get detailed suggestions on how to strengthen your weak points to tighten up your manuscript and get it ready for the next step of your writing career. We are a traditional publisher as well as self-publishing services group, and polishing manuscripts is our forte. We take great pride and care in all our projects, treating yours with the professionalism and attentiveness it deserves, providing you with quality service. With a plethora of resources at our disposal we are willing and able to help get your manuscript where you desire it to be.

This service is for up to the first 3 chapters (10k word limit) of a novel or up to 10k words of poetry. Submit here 

If you would like us to review more than that, please contact us via email to discuss your needs.

For Chapbook and Journal FAQ and Specifications:

We look forward to hearing from you!!!