Press Profiles - Kimberly McAfee

Kimberly McAfee is a writer and poet residing in the US. She has authored/co-authored works in a variety of formats, such as websites, e-magazines, anthologies, and even a peer-reviewed scholarly journal. Ms. McAfee has also self-published three chapbooks available on Amazon.  Kimberly's work has been featured in several anthologies by Quillkeepers Press (featured below). Quillkeepers Press also houses her chapbook-length collection of poetry AmerAsian: My Journey to Becoming Whole as a Mixed Korean American. 

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Kimberly McAfee Originals

The Savior and the Shadow Queen is a modern-day epic poetry collection that dances between fanciful, tragic, and modern. McAfee deftly weaves multiple stories, leaving us and her characters to question all of the assumptions and biases brought to the reading. A story of forgiveness, grief, and harm that we inflict upon those around us, and especially upon ourselves, this is a collection of sequential poems that, like waking from a nightmare, will leave you relieved yet still trying to catch your breath. 

AmerAsian, a chapbook-length poetry collection by Kimberly McAfee, takes the reader on a quest to find a balance and peace with being raised as an Asian-American. Follow the journey of a young girl trying to navigate her way through the minefields and misapprehensions of current society and blossoming into an empowered woman who appreciates her duality. McAfee is an avid lover of mythology, and many of the selections in this collection spotlight brilliant Korean folklore while maintaining relatability for all readers, regardless of their cultural background. Coupled with elegant imagery and flow, AmerAsian has a unique way of pulling you into its pages like a magnetic embrace, a perfect reflection of Kimberly herself. 

You can also find Kimberly's work in our Quillkeepers Press exclusive anthologies