Press Profiles - David Gunton

David Gunton’s writing has appeared in La Petite Zine, The Long Island Review, and The Oxford Encyclopedia of American Literature, among other publications. He is the co-author, along with Justin Hendrix, of Poegles: A Short History and Collection. He has lived in Ohio, Virginia, Washington, D.C., New York, Georgia, and New York again. He now works for a foster care agency and resides with his family in the Hudson Valley.  

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David Gunton Originals

Life's forgotten nooks and crannies are lit by the soft but penetrating light of Gunton's, Notable Moons. His work illuminates these domestic spaces we inhabit as being very strange, fragile, and temporary. In contrast, the natural world is so rich and resilient that even if we damage it to the point where it can no longer support us, it will survive us. Life is vividly portrayed in each of these poems with the insight that only an introspective and thoughtful poet could bring. Whether it is observing the microcosms in our yards, or the primitive nature of modern life, David Gunton places us at a new vantage point, as noted in his poem 'Two Kinds' where "There are two people in this world, and you weren't either one of them." Venture down these paths of domestic spaces and the untamed forces of nature with the pale light of Notable Moons