We can not thank our authors enough for entrusting us with their crafts. Breathing life into our writer's visions is beyond our wildest dreams. Over the years, Quillkeepers Press (QKP) has evolved to fit the needs of all writers. We not only offer traditional publishing, but anthology opportunities, chapbook competitions, hybrid packages, as well as self-publishing services. Explore our website and click each of the aforementioned hyperlinks for more information. 

Critique Reviews

Our critique reviews are a paid service for the up-and-coming author whose work needs a little finesse, who's getting their manuscript print-ready, or who wants an honest opinion of their manuscript. With this review, we will provide honest feedback on your manuscript and where your strengths and weaknesses lie in your work. With this service, you will get detailed suggestions on strengthening your weak points to tighten up your manuscript and prepare it for the next step of your writing career. We are a traditional publisher and self-publishing services group, and polishing manuscripts is our forte. We take great pride and care in all our projects, treating yours with the professionalism and attentiveness it deserves, and providing you with quality service. With a plethora of resources at our disposal, we are willing and able to help get your manuscript where you desire it to be.

This service is for up to the first 3 chapters (10k word limit) of a novel or up to 10k words of poetry. Submit here 

If you would like us to review more than that, please contact us via email to discuss your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you!!!