Stephanie Lamb, EIC

Stephanie Lamb, EIC of Quillkeepers Press, LLC, earned her Bachelor's in Business Accounting and later switched gears to further her education in Creative Writing. She has had a lifelong love of literature, which led her to study classic and contemporary writing forms. Lamb has had a passion for writing since she was a teenager when she wrote to process her feelings, triumphs, and traumas in a healthy manner. She went through almost a decade-long writer's block in her mid-20s when she sought medical intervention for insomnia and chronic anxiety. Now, she writes to purge and for her own healing. She shares her work publicly, hoping it helps heal others. Her mottos and reason for writing can be summed up as "I write to purge these feelings, not become them."

In 2017, she found an online writer's community on Instagram and finally felt heard and as if she had finally connected with her soul family. That is when she aligned with Quillkeepers, and she went to work researching, educating, and gathering the tools to design a space for indie writers tired of getting the runaround from most traditional publishers. A family home for the misfit. A space for the creative that wants to "do it their way." A place for the weary to rest their bones. 

Lamb is also the author of Verbal Vomit and Other Poetry and Prose, which is no longer available. Although, we hear it is in the process of being revamped.

Amber Romero - Novel Editor

Amber Romero currently teaches at a Title 1 public elementary school, but her previous professional roles include working in a literacy center for blind children, a victim advocacy unit in a domestic violence center, and a brief but interesting stint as a bartender at a local dive bar. As varied and disparate as her career path has been, the one constant in her life has always been reading. She has been a voracious bookworm all her life and is now using her passion for reading to help those who have a passion for writing. 

Lisea Silvers - Editor/Project Management

Lisea Silvers is just a girl who learned, later in life, that she was able to do this thing with words. Born and raised in the Southeastern US, the ocean watched her grow, and the Everglades always reminded her how to find her way home. She is extremely connected to her faith, loves studying religion, mythology, and history, and reads high fantasy and science fiction novels. Lisea has a wealth of knowledge about literature, and you can almost always find her with her nose in a book or with a pen in hand writing gorgeous poetry! In addition, she offers a broad array of editorial and managerial skillsets to the Quillkeepers' Family. Working as a 911 operator, she exhibits the perfect balance of people skills and remaining grounded during turbulent times. 

Lisea will be a lead editor as well as our project manager. As the project manager, she will streamline projects and keep our staff and authors on task, ensuring all deadlines are met, with quality at the forefront. She will also help authors transition from the beginning phases of being published to the post-publishing stage.  

Silvers is currently working on releasing two poetry collections; announcing soon!!!

Jason - Editor

Jason earned his Bachelor's in Technical Writing from the University of Arizona (Bear Down!). Most of his career revolved around constructing easy-to-follow manuals and modules for a well-known advanced technology company specializing in aerospace and automotive products. Specializing in condensing large amounts of information in as few words as possible, he is a valuable asset to Quillkeepers' editing team as our "efficiency expert." His extensive skillset helps our "over-writers" trim their work into a pristine, tidy, and collated order.   

Jared - Social Media Manager

Jared earned his Board Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork in 2022. Additionally, he is currently taking courses to further his education in marketing and communication. His expertise in social media presence and marketing is a valuable asset to our company and our Authors. His skillset helps us better serve our audience over our various social media platforms, as well as helps with the design and implementation of marketing materials for Author projects.