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Curious Corvid Publishing - CCP was created to give a voice to all those who write about the dark side of life - with an inspiring twist. If you're a little weird, a little dark, and delightfully creative, you will fit right in! There is always room for new corvids in their murder and unkindness...

Sage Cigarettes Magazine - Sage Cigarettes doesn't only strive to be an online publication. This is a safe space. A place to come together and learn from one another. A place to heal, to accept, to move forward. This is a fellowship for witches, a haven for the lgbtq+, a home base for marginalized peoples. This is a place to celebrate our differences, and coalesce on the things that we have in common. 

Freedom of speech is a right that we will fight to defend until the death of the written word. HOWEVER, please note that hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated here. No racism, no misogyny, no fascism, no sexism, NO HATE. ​Anyone who violates this trust has no home here.  

Tiffiny Rose Allen (She/Her) is a writer and poet. Originally from the state of Florida, she started writing at an early age and self-published her first collection of poetry Leave The Dreaming To The Flowers at the age of 18. Her poetry is eclectic in portraying her views of the different aspects of life. In 2022, she started her own anthology, titled Dreams In Hiding, which is a project designed to uplift and feature different writers and creatives. You can submit HERE

When she is not somewhere writing, she is either creating something with her hands or working on anything and everything that excites her. Her work has been featured in numerous magazine and anthology publications, including The Elpis Pages, Harness Magazine, and Dreamer by Night Magazine. Her poetry and short story collections can be found on Amazon. 

You can find more of her work on Instagram @dreamsinhiding.writing

Alliance of Independent Authors - "The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) is the premier membership association for self-publishing authors. A non-profit, our mission is ethics and excellence in self-publishing. We work with authors, publishing services and author organizations, globally, and advocate for indie authors within the literary, publishing and creative industries. "  

-Alliance of Independent Authors: Association For Self-Publishing Authors. (2022, March 30). The Alliance of Independent Authors.

Submittable - QKP are proud members of Submittable. Your one stop shop for publishing opportunities and submissions. Visit the link below or visit the submissions page of our website to view QKP opportunities. 

Reedsy- QKP are proud members Reedsy. Reedsy is a writer and publishing service utopia with a plethora of available resources. 

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Rosemary's House is a writer's retreat located in Greece. They host year-round retreats with various guest speakers/teachers and writing professionals to help their guest hone their craft. For more information click here and here

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