Our Fees

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We understand the need for indie creatives to work within a budget. Most often, artists do not have a ton of money to throw at every aspect of their projects. Chances are you have created and edited as many angles of the project as possible. But, lo and behold, you still had to hire a professional for some of the moving parts, and this is where it can get tricky. There is a plethora of services out there that offer the world but fall short on delivery, price gouge, or do not offer reliable customer support. For example, some book cover services offer prefabricated covers for a premium, but you cannot customize them. Or even worse, you realize you need to get ahold of customer service only to meet with a brick wall.

We pride ourselves on not only providing quality services at a reasonable price but stellar customer service. Nothing is worse than not being able to get ahold of a service provider when you need to. We are always available via email, social media, and phone with a service contract. We guarantee a reasonable response time because we understand your final product's importance to you. Our whole philosophy at Quillkeepers Press is "Reading between the lines, to make your words take flight," meaning we want your experience with us to be enjoyable, reliable, and as stress-free as possible.

Our fees vary depending on the type of service, details, and time invested. For this reason, quotes will differ. Our time and work are valuable to us, so you may be asked for a non-refundable retainer of up to 50 percent of the total quote when the agreement is signed and before work begins. Because charges vary from task to task and partner to partner, we ask that you do not discuss specific amounts with other potential partners/clients.

Additional fees may occur if services expand the parameters of the agreement, including but not limited to the time spent beyond the initial allotment or if other services are added. We will never tack on additional fees without discussing it with you and signing an additional agreement.

We reserve the right (as do you) to cancel any problematic working relationship. After which, the retainer and any completed work up to that point are due.

We reserve the right to charge a "messy or rude partner" fee for services rendered. Everyone laughs at this clause until they find the charge on their bill. The bottom line is we are not robots; we are people and expect the same amount of respect that we give to our clients/partners in return.