Welcome to Quillkeepers Press! We are a small traditional publishing company and indie/self-publishing consulting group. We offer traditional publishing as well as anthology collaboration opportunities for indie artists who are seeking publication. Our traditional publishing services are industry-standard, where we assume the financial liability of publishing your work, and you receive competitive royalties from the sales of your collection. We design a contract to fit your individual needs, as we know all artists are unique. Traditional publishing with Quillkeepers will include coaching, editing, formatting, cover design, and extended marketing. We will work hard to ensure you are not only in love with the final product but that it is successful. After all, your success is also our success. We often see publishers that throw their authors to the wayside after the initial heat of the book release cools. That will not be the case with us. Once you are a member of the Quillkeepers family, we will continually find ways to promote and uplift you. We genuinely believe our work does not end once your book is published. 

Suppose traditional publishing is not what you are after. In that case, we also offer an array of affordable services, including cover design, editing, interior design and formatting, and marketing graphic design for artists interested in self-publishing or preparing a manuscript for the query process. We are delighted you have an interest in how we can serve you. We understand most indie creatives are working on a budget; we will never overcharge or tack on extras that you will not need or use. We feel those tactics are a waste of your and our resources. When it comes to our self-publishing services, we believe in keeping the rights with the writer, artists, and or creative. Therefore, while we ask that our credentials be included in the manuscript, once our work is complete, we return the finished file or product to the consumer and ask for nothing more. *No share of profits or book sales, no copyrights, nothing. (*Please note this only applies to self-publishing services)

Also, please explore the different tabs regarding each of our products and servicesBe sure to check out our opportunities in the Submissions link. 

Our entire philosophy is summarized in our slogan, “Reading between the lines, to make your words take flight.”. We are abundantly passionate about our services and products and equally concerned with quality. When we take you on as a partner, we take great pride in truly tapping into your individual needs, desires, and expectations. We also strive to provide as easy and stress-free a process as possible.

Have you explored our website and want to know more about our services? Great!!! Let’s get started. Here is a rundown on how it all works:

We pride ourselves on providing the best quality and one-of-a-kind products and services. We want our goods and services to be top-notch and everything you dreamed of down to the finest and final detail. Therefore, we will never pressure or rush you.