Hybrid Publishing

Our hybrid publishing packages are a paid service for the up-and-coming author who's seeking professional backing on their project but who wishes to keep the creative control and rights to their work. Our hybrid packages are tailored to the needs of the author based on what their project needs. While we will give suggestions, the extent of our involvement is entirely up to the author.

What is hybrid publishing?

Hybrid publishing is the middle ground between self-publishing and traditional publishing. The terms and services vary depending on the breadth of the project, and the practices of the company involved. Hybrid publishing usually includes services to get the manuscript print ready including, but not limited to editing, formatting, cover design, royalty management, and marketing.

What does hybrid publishing look like with Quillkeepers Press (QKP)?

QKP offers a variety of hybrid packages custom tailored to our author's needs. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to our hybrid packages. We will take the time to thoroughly talk through your projects, as well as your goals and expectations. We consider this a partnership and thus expect our authors to work just as hard as we do to get the manuscript ready for consumption. Each project and the finished product is a reflection on both QKP and the author, so we will take the time to properly vet the author and project, as well as produce a finished product all parties involved can be proud of.

Before inquiring about our hybrid packages please read through our FAQ section about hybrid publishing.

FAQ’s - Please read through these diligently before submitting:

  • QKP DOES NOT accept previously published work for Hybrid publishing opportunities.

  • QKP DOES NOT accept children's book manuscripts at this time

  • QKP DOES accept co-author collections so long as all parties are on the same page

  • QKP only accepts work in English.

  • Any services not included in the quote will not be covered. (Ex: if editing is not included in the package, QKP will not edit a single word or punctuation mark)

  • Please submit the entire manuscript.

  • QKP accepts .doc, .docx, and PDF.

  • Please use a 12pt, sans family font, standard size print paper (8.5x11), and between 1.25 and double spaced.

  • QKP will contact the author about developments via the email provided (in some cases QKP and the author will convene over voice calls)

  • Deposits on work will be collected before work begins, and the remainder will be collected at the end of the project.

  • Any add-on services after the agreement is signed will be approved or rejected at the discretion of QKP and will require an additional quote/agreement and costs paid before work begins.

  • Our time is our most valuable resource, add-on services may be rejected due to time restraints, please try to have all service requests mapped out during the Hybrid Package development process and before the agreement is signed. Add-on service approval is left up to the discretion of QKP.

  • QKP does not provide ISBN numbers.

  • Hybrid Package includes some consulting in the price - allotment is determined by the scope of the project, and additional consulting over the allotment is billed $50/hour (again, time is so very precious). Timesheets are kept for every project and include time spent on the project as well as correspondence in any form between the author and QKP.

  • Any cost for the rights to use graphics for the cover will be at the cost of the author, have all graphics ready before querying.

  • Be organized:

    1. Please research which Print on Demand (POD) service will be used and have the account set up before the query process

    2. Acquire an ISBN (QKP will need this to include on the cover and in the interior of the manuscript)

    3. Know which services are needed from QKP (need guidance? QKP is here to help)

    4. Have all your interior elements together (interior text, front matter, back matter, images, etc)

    5. Have your font and font size picked out

    6. Know the page count (QKP will need this to develop the proper Hybrid Package)

    7. Each new chapter must start on a new page for novels, and each new piece must start on a new page for poetry.

    8. Have the cover complete or if QKP is creating the cover, have an idea of what the final product should look like and some inspirational graphics for QKP to use as a starting point. Please include any graphics required for the final cover.

    9. Decide on the trim size (QKP can not start a project without this information)

  • We schedule our lineup diligently and often times 6+ months in advance. Should your project run over the date agreed upon in the Hybrid Publishing Agreement for any reason, the agreement may be void, QKP may have to discontinue the working relationship, and any fees accrued to that point will become due. It is not appropriate to ask QKP's proceeding authors to postpone their projects due to hold-ups. Most hiccups can be resolved before they ever even materialize by being prepared from the start and with a little due diligence.

  • Reserve the right to cancel any problematic relationship (both author and publisher reserve this right and all accrued fees become due upon cancelation)

Where to submit:

  • After reading the FAQ and getting materials together, please send inquiries here

We look forward to hearing from you!!!