ARC Program

A collaboration between Curious Corvid Publishing and Quillkeepers Press

Curious Corvid Publishing and Quillkeepers Press, LLC have teamed up to provide an extra layer of support for our authors through an Advances Reader's Copy program. Staying true to the roots of an ARC program, participants will be given free digital copies of our forthcoming and previously published books in exchange for honest feedback and reviews. Our hope it to create an additional caveat of continued support for our authors, while satiating our audiences' hunger for fresh reading materials. If you are interested in joining our exclusive ARC program, read the information on this page and fill out our ARC program application at the bottom of this page:

Incentives of being a part of our ARC Program:

- You receive free digital copies of book in exchange for reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, bookstagram page/website, and publisher websites

- You can earn merchandise listed on Curious Corvid Publishing or Quillkeepers Press website-store valued at $20 or less for every 3 books you read and review

- You can earn free submissions to Quillkeepers Press anthologies for every 3 books you read and review

- Great way to network with authors and publishers

Rules and Guidelines:

Once we receive your application we will review it and add you to our group; you will receive a welcome email if chosen

- You will be sent an updated book inventory list periodically to choose titles from

- You will receive links for free downloads periodically when we run free promos through Amazon or other Print on Demand (POD) services

- We ask that you read and review on all applicable forums (Amazon, Goodreads, publisher's website, your bookstagram page) within 30 days of receiving the book

- Failure to complete at least 2 reviews every 6 months will result in forfeiting your participation in the program (no hard feelings from us, of course)