Press Profiles - Andrés Colón 

Andrés Colón, is a young author, artist, writer, and graphic designer from Cincinnati, Ohio. Having self published their first poetry book "Anatomy Of" at age 18, Andrés hopes to continue developing their craft to well represent their passionate generation. You can purchase "Anatomy Of" on Amazon in both eBook and paperback. 

Andrés is a winner of our 2022 chapbook competition. Their manuscript The Matador's Wife is an exquisitely penned collection of poetry that will be released in 2022. There are multiple perspectives in this compellation, introducing the reader to new poetic characters, as well as an introspective undertone. Perhaps we are each one of these characters, perhaps we are each a small amount of all of them. 

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The Matador's Wife is a chapbook of poetry + prose. This compelling collection introduces the reader to a poetic character known as the Matador's Wife, as well as an introspective undertone that readers are sure to identify with. With undercurrents of what the Author calls "quiet violence", we follow the journey through the mind of the Matador's Wife as she explores femininity, domestic turbulence, past and present traumas, and a desperate search of self. Perhaps we are each the Matador's Wife, or perhaps the Matador?